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Auf blank
Auf Blank Dominic Wilcox
Auf Blank Dominic Wilcox  


The German brand Auf Blank contacted Dominic to create a limited edition customized version of their white Box Bag (see below). Dominic took inspiration from the strap on the original bag and decided to wrap the whole bag with it.

"The name of white bag was 'Box bag' and I thought that it would be interesting to take that to a literal conclusion by taking a box and wrapping it completely in a strap which then continues into the handle strap. I then applied this idea to the Auf Blank bag aswell as changing the box colour to a dark grey and adding a little suprise of a burst of green for the interior." Dominic Wilcox

Auf Blank Dominic Wilcox open
The Wrap Bag opened  
Auf Blank Original
The standard Auf Blank Box bag before customisation
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