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Dominic Wilcox Esquire Steve Jobs

2008 Oct
Photography: David Sykes
with thanks to Notcot for these magazine shots

The American magazine Esquire recently had its 75th Anniversary edition in Oct 08. They commissioned Dominic to come up with a creation that would represent Apple CEO Steve Jobs without doing the usual portrait photograph method. It would run alongside an article surrounding the future of Steve Jobs given the rumours of ill health and the life after Steve Jobs for Apple itself.
Dominic took inspiration from the well know fact that Steve Jobs always wore blue jeans, a black turtle neck jumper and small glasses. Dominic created a conveyor belt on which a continuous series of Steve Jobs' famous clothes were packaged perfectly in Apple style packaging. Could this be what Job's dressing room looks like? or can this be a representation of the next in line for the Apple leadership....

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